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Outsource Vs In-House Marketing – Choosing the Right Option for Your Business

Article and Images provided by Purple Giraffe.

Having your own business is rewarding, but it often means wearing a multitude of hats and attempting to be an expert in things that you don’t necessarily know much about – and may not necessarily want to know about either!

Marketing is one of those things, however it is an essential part of business.  Especially if you have ambitions to grow.  If you don’t do it well (or at all), at best your business will struggle and at worst it will be at risk of failing.  

Marketing is a vast and specialised area, so resourcing it well is a challenge faced by many small businesses who often have marketing needs greater than their reasonably modest budgets.  

First, you need to develop strategy. This involves defining goals and objectives and identifying audience and targets. 

Then comes the implementation, which will likely require a mix of traditional marketing, digital marketing, relationship marketing, events, graphic design, PR and communications skills.

Finally, it is necessary to monitor, review and report on the performance of the activities which requires skills in data analysis and trend reporting.

So, when you’ve managed to carve out funds to engage a marketing resource, where do you find someone (that you can afford) who can do all the things your business needs?

Let’s face it, a decent combination of strategy, creativity, execution and analysis can be hard to find in an individual. 

As a result, outsourced marketing is becoming an extremely sought-after alternative for businesses, especially small to medium size enterprises (SMEs). 

Deciding whether to resource internally or outsource your marketing, can feel overwhelming – but it can also be crucial to taking your business to the next level.

Let’s explore the advantages of outsourcing your marketing to see if it’s a fit for your business.

Efficiency to maximise marketing spend

An outsourced provider assigns a dedicated marketing manager to understand your business goals and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. This manager collaborates with an in-house team of experts in digital marketing, graphic design, PR, and more. By leveraging the outsourced team’s experience and industry connections, businesses can maximise their marketing spend with tried and tested tactics while incorporating innovative and creative solutions into their marketing mix.

Flexibility to upscale or downscale

Outsourcing your marketing provides your business with the flexibility to be able to scale up, scale down or pause your marketing activities as required – quickly.

Agile businesses can pivot to leverage opportunities, address seasonal trends or respond to cash flow issues by adjusting their outsourced marketing support swiftly as needed.

Reach your business goals

Effective outsourced marketers work closely with businesses to align marketing campaigns and activities with their objectives. Their results-driven approach helps propel businesses forward, ensuring that their marketing efforts support the achievement of business goals. As external partners, outsourced marketers are often more motivated to deliver results, as they are more easily replaced if they don’t perform, which makes them more accountable.

Cost savings

Choosing to outsource marketing eliminates the need for employing a dedicated marketing person in the staff count, resulting in cost savings. Businesses are free from additional expenses like superannuation, insurance, company devices, and work cover typically associated with hiring full-time staff.

Choice of hours

Outsourcing marketing enables businesses to have control over their investment in hours. There’s no need to fill an employee’s day with work. Instead, businesses can work with the outsourced marketer to prioritise tasks that deliver the greatest return on investment. They pay only for completed work, ensuring that their marketing budget is used efficiently.


Effective outsourced marketers are available every working day, providing businesses with constant support and continuous marketing efforts. Unlike part-time employees, who may work on specific days, outsourced marketers ensure that marketing activities never stop and they’re always available.

Take your marketing to the next level

For small to medium-sized enterprises, outsourcing marketing services can be a game-changer. By tapping into the expertise of specialised teams, businesses can efficiently utilise their marketing budget, achieve their goals, stay agile in an ever-changing market – and effectively compete with much larger organisations.

Outsourced marketing provides a flexible, cost-effective, and results-oriented solution for businesses that want to thrive and grow without the burden of managing an in-house marketing department.

So, what are you waiting for? Why wouldn’t you outsource your marketing?

Chat to our team of professionals today. 

Article and Image provided by Purple Giraffe.

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