Industry Roundtables - Showcase SA

Industry Roundtables

Showcase SA’s Industry Roundtables present the opportunity to up-skill teams in an intimate learning environment. During these events a focus is placed on: 

  • The identification of issues and challenges being faced by industry
  • The identification of opportunities and appropriate approaches
  • The identification of methods to support economic growth 

Showcase SA engages key shareholders and businesses to gather industry knowledge, enriching the sessions. 

Roundtables will response to issues identified by the team and industry knowledge will be leveraged to solve dilemmas. Resources will be assessed, in order to grasp capabilities, as well as support available. Roundtables are hosted, produced and guided by those deeply involved in South Australia’s thriving business community. 

Showcase SA is your connection to SA’a thriving business community. Unlock growth, exclusive events, and invaluable networking opportunities. 

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