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Zoos SA requesting auction donations to raise vital funds for Animal Health Centre

In lieu of a 2021 Gala evening, Zoos SA are set to host an online auction to raise much needed funds to support their Animal Health Centre.

Zoos SA is a Showcase SA member that (like nearly all of you) has had serious impact with COVID closures and ongoing restrictions.  However, their vital animal care and conservation work is continuing.  

Some of you may have attended previous Zoos SA Gala dinners  – a night filled with many smiles and laughter and crucially, a fantastic conduit for raising funds for the conservation work that Zoos SA carries out locally, interstate and internationally.

In a snapshot, these Gala events have raised vital funds to help native animals, including those injured during the horrific bushfires of 2019/20 as well as the vulnerable Southern White Rhino and other endangered species. One very successful element of these Gala nights has been an online auction.


Zoos SA are not holding a Gala night event in 2021 (but planning an even more spectacular Gala evening in 2022) but are holding an online auction in May this year with the aim of raising vital funds for the Animal Health Centre. We hope that you will have an item that you can donate to the online auction to help support this work.   

Zoos SA’s Animal Health Centre is the home of our dedicated veterinarians and nurses who work tirelessly caring for and monitoring Zoos SA’s species. Whether it be a lion with a wobbly canine to a gibbon with tooth decay, the dental equipment and infrastructure improvements that funds will go to will greatly enhance the treatment offered to the animals (and raise some grins with the vet team too).

For guidance, Zoos SA have listed suggested items hoping to have donated below, they would love and appreciate any item that will help them raise vital funds. Please note, as COVID-19 continues to pepper our lives with the unexpected, items that are non-date specific and that can be redeemed at any time are appreciated such as:

·        Vouchers and non-date specific experiences

·        Gift ware

·        Alcohol and food

·        Memorabilia

·        Artwork and photography

·        Jewellery and accessories

·        Vehicles, car hire and chauffeurs

·        Clothing, furnishings

If you do have something to offer ZOOS SA’s online auction, please send a note to Elaine Bensted, CE of Zoos SA at ebensted@zoossa.com.au 

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