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Why your business needs a marketing plan

Whether you’re a one-person show or a major corporate across multiple locations, every business needs a marketing plan. As important as marketing plans are, many business owners don’t devote the time and resources to developing an actionable marketing plan. 

What is a marketing plan? 

A marketing plan is like a dedicated roadmap that guides your business to reach its consumers and drive sales. It serves as your strategic blueprint, outlining your business goals, identifying your ideal target market, and detailing how you will reach them. It is your plan of action for the marketing activities you will undertake to grow your business. 

Why do you need a marketing plan? 

  1. Consistency and Accountability: A marketing plan provides your business with a consistent foundation to work from. It is a reference point and holds you accountable for your marketing efforts, ensuring that you stay on track with your goals and objectives by maintaining consistency in your branding, messaging, and customer interactions across channels. 
  2. Employee Alignment: It’s not just for you; a marketing plan gives you something to share with your employees and stakeholders. It helps them understand your business, your audience, and the strategy behind your actions. This alignment ensures that everyone in your organisation is singing the same sheet of music, working together towards common goals. 
  3. Time Management: For business owners and their teams, time is a precious resource. A well-structured marketing plan allows you to manage your time efficiently by focusing on activities that directly contribute to your business’s goals and growth, minimising distractions and time-wasting tasks. 
  4. Measurability: A well-structured marketing plan includes specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals, allowing you to track your progress and measure the success of your marketing efforts objectively. With this measurability you can make data-driven decisions, ensuring your marketing strategies are optimised, performing and resources are allocated effectively to achieve your business objectives. 
  5. Financial Control: Staying on track with your marketing spending is crucial. With a plan in place, you can allocate your resources (time, budget, personnel) more efficiently and eliminate any unplanned, unnecessary, or frivolous spending. It also helps ensure that every dollar you invest in marketing counts towards achieving your business objectives. 

The Purple Giraffe One-Page Marketing Plan

At Purple Giraffe, we understand the frustration that comes with creating marketing plans filled with fluff and jargon. That’s why we are committed to developing strategic plans that are clear, concise, and actionable.
Practical tools like our one-page marketing plan template are a great place to start. Unlike lengthy and complex documents that often end up gathering dust, our one-page marketing plan is a powerful tool that focuses on the essentials and is a functional reference point. 

Our one-page marketing plan template is designed to help you build a strong foundation for your marketing strategy, allowing you to effectively promote your products or services and achieve optimal results for your business. 

With our template, you can create a one-page overview that captures the essence of your unique selling point, identifies your target markets, outlines your product or service offerings, and provides insights into your pricing, distribution, and marketing activities. 

Getting started is easy – and it is free! Simply head over to the Purple Giraffe Website, enter your details, and hit download to access the template!

A marketing plan is not a luxury but a necessity for every business. It’s the roadmap to success, guiding you towards your goals while maintaining control over your resources. Our one-page marketing plan is a game-changer in simplifying this process and ensuring that your marketing efforts are effective, efficient, and focused on achieving your business objectives. Don’t leave your success to chance; take control of your marketing with a well-crafted plan today. 

Article and images supplied by Purple Giraffe.

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