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Voiteck gives effective phone and internet solutions for home workers

Computer, Phone and Internet at home Picture credit: Domenico Loia/Unsplash
Picture credit: Domenico Loia/Unsplash

With so many workplaces working remotely in the second South Australian COVID lockdown, Showcase SA partner Voiteck can provide members with optimised phone and internet solutions for work purposes.

“With the restrictions imposed by the state government, lots of people have been forced to return to work from home,” explains Declan O’Callaghan, Voiteck Managing Director.

“It’s familiar territory for lots of our customers and we have been working really hard to ensure that the transition from office to home is seamless.

“There are lots of questions that employers should be asking their employees to make sure that their landline telephony, mobile plans and internet at home have the capability and capacity to continue their daily tasks.”

Those questions include:

Are home internet plans effective for our needs?

Whether its emails, remote desktop access, Zoom meetings or checking accounts; everybody needs the Internet.

Working from home can present various challenges around connectivity, speeds and data allowance.

For instance, there may be multiple people working from a single household and with schools being closed, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon put a lot of strain on home internet services and reduce speeds when used – this can have a negative impact on work tasks.

Voiteck can supply temporary internet connections that are separate from home internet services to deliver fewer interruptions and higher speeds. They take five minutes to set up and you’ll get a wireless router to take anywhere around the house.

How can we relocate our work landline phones?

Landline telephony shouldn’t stop because employees are working from home.

Voiteck provides solutions that allow customers to unplug their office phone, and plug into their home router. Some of Voiteck’s fixed handsets also work over Wi-Fi. The other option is called The Voiteck Pocket PBX which allows our customers to turn mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones into a landline extension.

Forwarding your calls to a mobile number should be the last option. Not only do businesses lose their system functionality but they can also lose calls more easily and it doubles the congestion on the network.

Are our mobile plans sufficient?

It’s a good time to check your data allowance on your mobile plans.

Remote workers use more data and some providers don’t always provide a data usage alert. Voiteck provides amazing plans designed for families and businesses to share data allowances.

Voiteck is a Showcase SA member and Industry Series partner.

For more information and to obtain a quote on these services, visit Voiteck or contact Showcase SA for a direct connection.

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