Try before you buy | Showcase SA



Showcase SA is a membership based organisation, however as a business ourselves, we understand it is not always easy to part with your hard earned cash and commit to purchasing a membership without knowing exactly what you are buying.

This is why we are offering businesses a ‘Try Before You Buy’ ticket. If you see an upcoming event you would like to attend, you can register your interest to purchase a once off ticket. 

Subject to availability, you will be able to attend the event and get a first hand understanding of what exactly we do for our members, here at Showcase SA. You will be able to talk to current members about how they have used their membership to better their business and you will also be able to talk to one of our team members who will educate you about our different membership options.

Submit the enquiry form below to notify the Showcase SA team that you would like to use your ‘Try Before You Buy’ ticket and we will get in contact with you to confirm your attendance. 


Please note there is an allocation of ONE ‘Try Before You Buy’ ticket per organisation and they are not transferrable.

Details submitted with this form are kept in accordance with our privacy policy.