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The romantic backstory of Adelaide’s Paracombe Wines

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Kathy and Paul Drogemuller were convinced ‘over a pork pie and a beer’ to plant the vineyards that started Paracombe Wines.

Like a lot of husband and wife producers, Paracombe co-founders Kathy and Paul Drogemuller are driven by a passion for what they do and a love of sharing the fruits of their labour.

However, without the suggestion of a couple of friends, it might not have happened at all.

‘We never set out to be this great,” says Kathy Drogemuller tongue-in-cheek when we meet her and her Paracombe team at the beautiful Adelaide Hills property they call home.

“Our story has been about making the most of the opportunities that came our way when they did. We didn’t know about grapes when we started, we weren’t from a family of winemakers, but it’s grown and grown and grown.” she says.

As supporters of local charities and a Masaai tribe in Kenya, combined with Kathy’s role as a leading woman in South Australian business, the pair have become much-loved community pillars.

At the heart of it all is a pride in what they do and a passion for bringing people together through their product.

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