Showcase SA at the CheeseFest+FERMENT Launch - Showcase SA

Showcase SA at the CheeseFest+FERMENT Launch

Showcase SA Platinum Exclusive event at CheeseFEST and Ferment (August 2019) pic: Meaghan Coles Photography
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All images by Meaghan Coles at Now and Then Photography

CheeseFest&FERMENT festival is one of Adelaide’s premiere gourmet festivals, showcasing some of the finest cheeses and fermented food and beverages. Running from Saturday 26 October to Sunday 27 October 2019 at Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka in Adelaide.

For the first time, CheeseFest&FERMENT will feature international flavours with the introduction of Italian, Spanish and French Quarters celebrating cheese, wine and produce from these food meccas.

On the evening of August 15th 2019, Showcase South Australia attended the VIP 2019 CheeseFest&FERMENT launch on the rooftop at Sparkke at the Whitmore with our Platinum members along with other invited guests.

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