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Prohibition Liquor Co. Celebrate World Gin Day With Launch of Colour Changing Gin

What better day to launch a brand new craft gin, than World Gin Day? 

Moonlight Gin, the newest release from Prohibition Liquor Co. has raised the bar for gin lovers everywhere, changing from a deep purple to a vibrant shade of pink when mixed with tonic or soda. 

Adam Carpenter, who co-founded Prohibition Liquor Co. in late 2015 with Wes Heddles, said creating the perfect colour-changing gin had been a project three years in the making. 

“This recipe has been a constant evolution to this point where we are extremely happy with it” he says. 

“It’s the remarkable colour changed from near blackish purple to a vibrant shade of pink with tonic or soda which makes this product such an interesting drink” adds co-founder Wes. 

Prohibition’s head distiller Hugh Lumsden, the brains behind the Moonlight Gin recipes said it was an homage to all things flourishing under the cover of darkness. 

“It combines blood limes and rare red juniper with cold distilled Pink Lady apples, to create a vivacious juniper and pomegranate sherbet note-lifted experience” he says. 

Not to disappoint on their signature packaging, Moonlight Gin comes in one of Prohibition’s signature 500ml French glass bottles, with a black wax grip from the lid and a secret image of the moon which reveals itself as the purple gin is consumed. 

A sophisticated classic drop with a modern twist, Moonlight Gin is made using classic distillation as well as a leading-edge distilling method called vacuum distillation. 

Unlike traditional distilling methods which use high temperatures, vacuum distillation enables flavours from the botanicals to be extracted at a lower temperature. The innovative technique allows some of the delicate and bright notes of the botanicals to be captured, resulting in a fresh-flavoured spirit. 

Moonlight Gin is 42% ABV and will set you back $89 for a 500ml bottle. 

For more information visit the Prohibition Liquor Co. website.

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Article Credit: Thanks to our Media Partners Glam Adelaide 

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