Photos: Industry Insights Luncheon: Paolo Sebastian - Showcase SA

Photos: Industry Insights Luncheon: Paolo SebastianP

Jolleys Boathouse | Wednesday 16 November 2022

Paolo Sebastian’s Creative Director and Founder, Paul Vasileff, dreamed of one day becoming a couture designer. With friends as early clients, Vasileff was captivated by the transformative powers of fashion. Upon seeing the positive change in these young women when they wore his creations he was convinced this was his path. He dreamed of one day starting his own brand that could inspire clients across the globe.

In 2017, Vasileff was awarded ‘Young Australian of the Year’ for his work in founding Paolo Sebastian and its contribution to the Australian fashion industry. He was later awarded ‘Designer of The Year’ in the Prix de Marie Claire Awards. Now, at just thirty years of age, designer Paul Vasileff has truly made his mark in the fashion industry with his unique skill, passion for couture, and scope of creative vision.Vasileff continues to follow his dream, further developing the brand and business with an international clientele, annual showings in Paris, and adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship