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Introducing… PestSENSE by Allstate Pest Control

Image via Allstate Pest Control

Family-owned Allstate has always been at the forefront of commercial pest control, but their latest innovation will positively impact businesses of all sizes.


Their new PestSENSE Digital Pest Register will allow businesses to do away with their paper registers and streamline their entire pest compliance process.

The innovation gives businesses of all sizes their own online portal to handle everything related to pest sightings, records, compliance and audits, and it can be accessed by any staff member with the scan of a QR code.

Allstate CEO Vasili Tsoutouras says he is excited about how much easier PestSENSE will make compliance for their customers. “One of the big challenges for a pest control company is ensuring customers have the most up to date information available in their pest register,” Vasili explains.

“For our customers, maintaining a paper pest register is one more thing on a long to do list. Come audit time they’re calling us scrambling to get everything together, and losing even more valuable time in their day. PestSENSE will help them eliminate those issues once and for all, while having the peace of mind that they are compliant 24/7.”

This new technology has a range of benefits for quality assurance managers, site managers, and the business as a whole, including:

  • Keeping all compliance information up to date and in the one place
  • Automatic updates to service report and sitemap data
  • Enabling all staff to report pest sightings by scanning the QR code
  • Having all information on hand for third party audits
  • Improved hygiene and security by moving all information online

Allstate has been innovating in the pest control industry since the company’s inception in 1986. Vasili explains that this focus came about due to their emphasis on their customers.

“Ever since my dad founded Allstate in the 80s, we have been about offering the safest, most effective and most compliant services possible” Vasili says. “Innovation has enabled us to live up to these standards and meet the targets that we set ourselves. Whenever we see an opportunity for technology to solve our customers’ problems, we jump on it straight away.”

Read more about the PestSENSE digital register here.

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