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Partner with Australia’s Biggest Arts Festival

Photo Credit: Fringe Partners ‘Cheers & Connect’ Event 2023 – Photo: Jack Timberlake

Did you know that 1 in every 2 South Australians attend Fringe? 

With brand love like that, there is no bigger vehicle to reach South Australians than Adelaide Fringe. 

As Australia’s biggest arts Festival and an internationally recognised event, each year Adelaide Fringe makes a cultural impact that reverberates across the world. 

When it comes to partnerships, Fringe brings brands to life through imaginative, targeted campaigns and initiatives that support business goals and partnership objectives. Fringe Partners can access a range of benefits for clients, members, customers and staff that add value to their brand and contribute to acquisition and retention goals as well as workplace culture and brand identity. 

Encompassing the entire state of South Australia for four weeks, involvement with Adelaide Fringe is a great way for your brand to leave an impact that will last all year. 

Boasting a calendar of dynamic networking events and workshops, Fringe connects partnering brands with business leaders and a variety of community stakeholders, while providing a cleat road map for how businesses can leverage their Fringe partnership to make the most out of it. 

Fringe partnerships are true collaborations; Adelaide Fringe seeks partners based on shared values, and a desire to make South Australia an international destination for tourism, business and culture. 

To find out how a become a Fringe Partner, contact for a chat or more info.

Article and images supplied by Adelaide Fringe.

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