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About SULLIVAN Consulting

SULLIVAN Consulting is an award winning, privately owned executive recruitment company that brings a fresh and digitally focussed alternative to the Adelaide recruitment market.

We are proud of our achievements since the company’s inception in January 2017. Innovation drives our core business goals. We aim to make our clients’ lives easier by taking the time, stress and unnecessary costs out of the recruitment process. 

At SULLIVAN Consulting we are all about “Placing People First” – including all people involved in the recruitment process from candidate, to hiring manager, to broader client stakeholders. It’s how we work with our clients and the way we contribute to the communities in which we are involved that sets us apart. We’ve found that placing people first invariably means that the results naturally follow. This articulates our entire philosophy and ensures our continued business success.

A Proud Showcase SA Member

SULLIVAN Consulting is a proud Showcase SA member and is helping to build Adelaide and South Australia’s most active business networking community. 

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