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SAHMRI is at the centre of world-class health and medical research in South Australia. 

Hundreds of researchers collaborate within SAHMRI’s iconic “Cheesegrater”, learning from and supporting each other’s work. 

SAHMRI with a brand portfolio searching for solutions to medical conditions that cause human suffering so we can find better ways to treat, heal and care for people. 

Precision Cancer Medicine – the right cancer treatment for the right person at the right time. We’re investigating why people respond differently to treatments for blood cancers such as leukaemia and myeloma and solid cancers like gastrointestinal and prostate cancer. 

SAHMRI Women and Kids – giving our kids the best start in life. Our research focus includes preventing premature births, boosting health care for premature babies, analysing allergies and boosting the quality of life for families most at risk. 

Lifelong Health – targeting the most significant health challenges across our lifespan. We aim to find the secrets to reducing the toll of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues, diabetes, gut-related disease, mental conditions and low wellbeing and neurological disorders such as stroke and dementia. 

Aboriginal Health equity (Wardliparingga) – Australia’s largest dedicated Indigenous health research unit. We’re focused on understanding, monitoring, responding to and reducing inequity in health and wellbeing among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

Proton Therapy and Research. Emerging from the ground next to SAHMRI, The Australian Bragg Centre development will contain the first synchrotron in the Southern Hemisphere to deliver highly targeted radiation that destroys tumours while preserving healthy surrounding tissue. 

Why we need you

SAHMRI’s researchers are working on the most critical health and medical issues we face today. They’re making extraordinary progress, but need your help to cure disease and save lives. 

Donate to SAHMRI here. 

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