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SABRN Tech Pty Ltd

SABRN Tech Pty Ltd (SABRN) is an early stage green-tech-based company that aims to address a number of significant problems faced by our communities and planet. SABRN is currently working to develop two capabilities:

1) SABRN Recycle;

2) SABRN Health. 


SABRN Recycle is focussed on addressing the problem of plastic waste arising from the Healthcare, Fisheries, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining, Food & Beverage, and Defence Industries. SABRN Recycle will aim to create circular economies by recycling high-quality plastic waste into purified plastic bricks that can be returned back into the manufacturing supply chain. 

SABRN Health is focussed on addressing the some of the problems of community health. The three current projects are: 1) Exploring preventative treatment options for type 2 diabetes; 2) Exploring ways to reduce the problem of ramping at the Emergency Departments of South Australian Hospitals; and 3) Exploring ways to evacuate critically injured patients from austere environments in civilian and military situations using remote-controlled or autonomous unmanned vehicles.

SABRN has a very strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, and has particular emphasis on environmental sustainability and social justice as its core values. SABRN will collaborate with other like-minded companies to improve South Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capability

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