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About Profiler PR

Profiler PR is a dynamic public relations and communications firm, dedicated to telling compelling stories and creating an unparalleled level of profile and awareness for our clients.

We are a team of experienced and respected media and public relations professionals with a fresh approach to strategic communications and engagement.

Our edge is our commitment to promoting and protecting your brand through our relationships, up-to-date insights and understanding of the fast-moving media landscape.

We are agile, dynamic and resourceful.

We listen to find your strengths, plan our approach and then help you to craft and tell your stories to your key audiences via targeted public relations.

We promote your brand.

We believe in the clients we take on and we want to see you succeed.

Whether you are a large company or an emerging new business, we develop powerful and effective plans and campaigns, tailored to your goals.

Leveraging traditional, digital and social media, as well as creative public relations strategies, we will put you and your brand first and ensure you dominate the conversation in your sector.

We protect your brand.

We are there for you in crisis.

Our team will work around the clock with you to manage issues through strategies and targeted messaging. 

We are trusted and give frank and fearless advice to support you and protect your brand. 

The best strategy, of course, is being prepared and we make this a priority.

A Proud Showcase SA Member

Profiler PR is a proud Showcase SA member and is helping to build Adelaide and South Australia’s most active business networking community. 

Start building your connections and generate new business as a Showcase SA member package holder today.