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About MND SA


MND SA’s mission is to provide the best possible care for people living with MND. They are the go to organisation in South Australia for those affected by MND. MND SA is a registered charity.

MNDSA staffs MND Support Coordinators who are qualified health and community professionals with specific knowledge and experience related to MND. They provide information and support for people with MND, their families and carers as well as educating health professionals. Support Staff maintain contact with home visits, telephone and email. MNDSA also staffs Occupational Therapists for clients and a wide range of loan equipment including, but not limited to, wheelchairs and communication devices. MNDSA provides opportunities for the community to come together at information sessions and events so that people know they are not alone.

At any given time, MNDSA supports over 150 clients. Life expectancy varies from diagnosis however the average is twenty-seven months so time is of the essence for the people they serve. MNDSA relies on fundraising, partnerships, donations and bequests as the main way of maintaining services for the majority of their community.

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