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About MND SA

With Motor Neurone Disease, the neurones (nerves) in the brain and spinal cord degenerate and start to die. When this happens, muscles start to weaken and waste away. 
MND is a rare and progressive, resulting in difficulties walking, speaking and breathing as the condition progresses. It’s not fully understood why it occurs and the speed at which MND progresses varies for each person. 
Each day in Australia, two people are diagnosed with MND and two people die and the average life expectancy is just 27 months from diagnosis. 
There is no meaningful treatment, no cure and no remission. 
MND SA is a registered charity and for the past 38 years, is the only organisation that has been providing dedicated support to South Australians impacted by MND, working with people diagnosed with MND, their carers, and their families. 
MND SA offers a range of support services including support coordination, allied health services, vital assistive equipment, advocacy and education. MND SA hires equipment a minimal to no cost to the client. Items such as cough assist machine to help someone breather, costs $10,5000 per machine, an eye gaze machine to help someone with MND communicate when they have no voice costs $10,000 and an obi feeder to robotically feed someone that can no longer feed themselves, costs $13,000. 
MND SA’s efforts aim to imporve the quality of life for those living with MND by addressing their immediate needs and helping them manage the daily challenges of the disease and complex support they require at no or minimal cost to the person with MND. 
A diagnosis of MND not only impacts the person with MND, but also on average 14 other direct people around them.

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