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About Hart Wellbeing

November 7th, 2003, after  a short and private 6 month struggle with anxiety, unable to ask for help Anthony made a significant attempt on his life.  

A stroke of sheer luck saw him survive.   

While there is no denying the gruelling journey that lay ahead of him in order to find good health again, it was in this moment that Anthony’s life purpose emerged.  

There was hope and a new life began.

In a true act of resilience, Anthony transformed crises into a new opportunity.  

Harnessing a natural entrepreneurial flair, he developed the 4 Steps to Better Mind Health.  

As a result, he founded what is today known as the Lifeback Tracker – 4 Steps to Better Mind Health.

This award-winning mind health support program is designed to empower anyone confronted by a mind health challenge, with a simple but effective 4 Steps to Better Mind Health.  

When followed, it puts one in a  better state of mind to confront and overcome significant life challenges.

As a speaker, Anthony is a gregarious and relatable presenter who delivers the raw truth about mind health in Australia, yet does so in a manner that empowers the audience with the active tools to facilitate positive change in their own lives or the lives of others.  

His story inspires, activates and educates his audiences to join a new movement that nurtures positive support for those suffering from depression and anxiety.  

Today, Anthony is a sought after public speaker and active mind health advocate on issues related to mind health and wellbeing.  

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