About Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to tackling mental health head on.

As Australia’s only dedicated mental health research foundation, we exist to support ground breaking research that will help to transform the lives of those affected by mental health issues.

With mental health issues identified as growing at an alarming rate, and existing services unable to slow the growth of mental illness – the biggest health challenge in our lifetime – a need was identified to try and rectify the devastating impacts that were being witnessed on a large scale.

Recognising that more needed to be done, a foundation dedicated to fixing the problem through mental health research was established.

We recognise the size of the problem and the need for a new approach based on research.

Without research we would not have made advancements in heart disease and cancer and we need to invest in mental health research to save people from experiencing the devastating effects of mental illness.

It’s going to take a truly collective effort to achieve the research breakthroughs we so desperately need.

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