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About Australian Dental Foundation

The Australian Dental Foundation (ADF) launched with the goal of improving the nation’s oral health one tooth at a time to achieve a decay-free future. ADF has since grown to become an independent, national award-winning health promotion charity that has been proactive in delivering on-ground programs and support to help to improve Australia’s oral health outcomes and well-being. 

We address the inequalities which exist in oral health to enable the provision of quality oral care to those who need it most. Most oral conditions are largely preventable and can be treated in early stages. Yet children, adolescents, seniors and people living with disability remain the greatest sufferers of poor oral health, facing the most significant barriers to accessing oral health care. 

Since inception, we have supported and improved the oral health of more than 41,500 Australians changing their lives for the better. Whilst our work has had a significant impact so far, our work isn’t done yet. There is still a considerable need to address the inequalities across Australia and we won’t stop until oral disease harm is dramatically minimised. 

Every day we are working toward realising our vision for a decay-free future by: 

  • Facilitating and expanding access to timely and adequate primary for all Australians
  • Promoting practice in good oral hygiene and nutrition
  • Providing vital support when Australian’s need it most
  • Advocating for improved oral heath services and outcomes for Australians.

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