Meet the Member: SACARE - Showcase SA

Meet the Member: SACARE

Team members from SACARE at the Gums at Salisbury [source: SACARE]

SACARE is a Showcase SA member which has built a strong reputation for providing in-home disability care and accommodation services.

A family-owned and operated business, SACARE is supported by talented and committed staff and the agility of a privately-run enterprise.

Showcase SA spoke to Chloe Kempe to find out more about SACARE.

Q: What does SACARE do?

SACARE is a South Australian family owned and operated business dedicated to providing high quality, unique accommodation and in home care services for people living with a disability, ensuring they live their most independent life.

Our team of highly-qualified, committed and professional staff love what they do and it shows.

Every day we assist our clients to achieve their functional and meaningful goals and we love nothing better than to see our clients live a happy life.

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of people with disabilities from in-home services created to assist people with their daily living, from day-to-day tasks to high-level and complex care.

Our supported accommodation is offered on a respite, long-term or permanent basis and all our accommodations offer 24 hour care in high quality properties that combine the latest in technology with the atmosphere and comforts of a family home.

People thrive in life with innovative and tailored care, so we created the award winning THRIVE Therapy Services to support its participants with a multi-disciplinary team focussed on individualised care, treatment and achieving goals.

We work with all referring agencies including NDIS, RTWSA, LSA, Trustees, Financial Advisors, Legal Representatives and private insurers.

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities which include: In-home care, supported accommodation, clinical nursing, THRIVE Therapy Services (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Life Goal Mentoring).

Q: How long have you been in operation?

We have operated for 24 years.

Q: What sets you apart from your competitors?

We have always looked inwards in the pursuit of excellence and surround ourselves with people who have distinct perspectives about how disability services can be effective and creative.

Being a privately owned organisation we have the advantage of being agile in decision making to suit each individual rather than designing standardised services.

Our major difference is the team of expert and compassionate staff of 500 South Australians.

From our dedicated support workers and nursing teams through to our Executive Team and Advisory Board, everyone shares a genuine commitment to provide positive outcomes for each and every SACARE client.

SACARE continues to be innovative in every part of the organisation to ensure that we challenge status quo, and continue to be thought leaders within our industry.

Q: How have you managed your business through COVID-19?

A positive of COVID19 was that we are, and always will remain, an essential service so our clients were never expected to go without their essential daily services.

COVID19 has had a profound impact on how we managed our services to ensure our clients received the care that they require, whilst continuing to keep everyone safe.

We can’t thank our staff enough for the dedication and resilience they continue to show through this challenging time.

A brief summary of changes introduced during this time were: 17 March – relocated entire HO workforce to enable to WFH 19 Mar – Communicated to all support workers and nursing teams advising that if they had any symptoms that we would continue to pay all rostered shifts while they were awaiting for test results – this was prior to any government announcements Implemented the ‘we care’ project where each client and staff member in the community was contacted by phone by one of our service delivery team members to ensure that they were comfortable and felt safe.

This still continues. Provided each support worker in the community with a COVID19 safety pack Communicated with all staff twice a week Managed the daily visitors to our accommodation to balance keeping our clients well, but also ensuring we managed their wellbeing by still allowing visits from family and friends.

Ensured there was communication technology available to all clients. Implementation of these strategies have been highly effective for our culture and retention of staff and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our workers and clients felt safe and supported.

During this time of crisis, the loyalty, commitment and human compassion we witnessed on a daily basis within the organisation was remarkable.

Q: Why are you a Showcase SA member?

We remain a member of Showcase SA to continue to network with like minded South Australian organisations who are committed to the wellbeing and economic growth of South Australia, and spark shared creativity and innovation within local business.

Q: Where can we find SACARE?

You can find SACARE at 586 Regency Road, Broadview and our website is

SACARE are Showcase SA members providing in-home care services. Find out more about Showcase SA Membership and enquire about how you can grow your business connections here.

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