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Medibank’s New Live Better Members Offer

In an era of lockdowns, zoom calls, and press conferences, Medibank is providing a little bit of love to South Aussies through their new Live Better members offer.  

The current Live Better members offer is new to the scene and aims to support and promote the importance of our health and wellness, particularly in the work place.  

With the Live Better registrations through the roof, and an out-pour of positive feedback, Medibank has extended their offer until November 16, encouraging new members to join eligible Corporate Hospital and Flexi Extra cover to reap the benefits.

Once signed up, members will have the opportunity to download the Live Better App and sign up for a goal or challenge. The challenges on offer are endless, ranging from learning about hydration and sleep tips and tricks, to undertaking meditation or exercise activities.

Upon completion of any challenge, single members will receive 20,000 Live Better Points or 40,000 points for couples and families. When then choosing what to do with these points the rewards are endless, and how you spend your points is up to you!

For members with 20,000 points, rewards include $200 worth of gift cards or the ability to put $200 towards your extras limit. Similarly, those with 40,000 points can receive up to $400 worth of gift cards or even new Apple AirPods Pro. If this isn’t Christmas come early, I don’t know what is! 

The initiative comes at time when WellFest Adelaide is trying to extend Adelaide into becoming the most livable city in the world through the promotion of health and wellbeing. Medibank supports this vision through their members offer, highlighting how the offer helps reward your colleagues for starting and maintain healthy habits.  

To find out more about this offer or to book an appointment, visit the Medibank Website or scan the QR code below. 

Photo credit: Medibank

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