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From Seaweed to Steak: The World’s First Beef Fed with CH4 Global’s Methane-reducing Asparagopsis is Plated Up

The first beef to be produced using CH4 Global’s methane-reducing Asparagopsis feed supplement is being served to the public today, closing the international emissions-reducing loop.

Today’s event is the first step to continuous commercial supply of methane-reduced beef to the public anywhere in the world, and is a major milestone for CH4 Global’s methane-busting seaweed supplement.

CH4 Global became the first company in Australia to sign an offtake agreement for an Asparagopsis-based feed supplement when it signed a multi-million dollar deal to supply product to CirPro, an advanced food and protein manufacturer, for use with its commercial feedlot partners in South Australia.

CirPro’s beef is the first commercial production where cattle have been fed red seaweed (Asparagopsis armata and taxiformis), which drastically reduces methane emissions from cows, cattle and sheep by up to 90 per cent. Methane emissions from ruminants are a major contributor to global warming.

CH4 Australia’s General Manager Adam Main said Asparagopsis had progressed from being a proven methane-busting feed supplement to being incorporated into a feedlot operation, and now processed into beef products available to the market.

“These cattle produced 90 per cent less methane than their counterparts anywhere else in the world, taking a significant step towards lowering our global emissions,” Dr Main said.

“The beef we’re eating today from CirPro’s and its partner feedlot HBRural near Port Pirie, heralds the beginning of a new, South Australian-based supply chain that will inform and change the entire industry.”

CH4 Global’s ambitious methane-reduction plan is aiming within five years to have its Asparagopsis feed supplement being fed to 150 million cattle —10 per cent of the world total—and equivalent to a gigaton of CO2.

The supplement is formulated using Asparagopsis from both marine and tank cultivation and is being supplied by CH4 Global’s South Australian and New Zealand operations.

CH4 Global is currently in talks with three feedlots across Australia, which could see the industry rapidly expand to produce significantly more beef from cattle fed methane-reducing Asparagopsis supplements.

CirPro Chief Executive Reg Smyth said his company was excited to be the first to partner with CH4 Global to receive commercial supply of Asparagopsis supplement.

“This is an important time in our journey towards the creation of a carbon-neutral beef industry in Australia by letting everyone know that we can supply commercially-available, methane-reduced beef. It’s beneficial for the beef industry, it’s a first for Australia, it’s South Australia leading the world, and we are offering a choice for conscious consumers,” Mr Smyth said.

The market-leading beef will be served to media at the Weber Grill Academy at 10.30am this morning, ahead of an industry launch tonight where the low-methane beef will be gifted to
FoodBank SA & Central Australia, and Harvesting Potential.

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Images supplied by Steve Tastar.

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