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Bridging the Skills Gap: A Collaborative Approach to Early Childhood Training

In response to a skills shortage in the early childhood sector, Showcase SA, in partnership with Skills SA and the Department of Education, spearheaded a project aimed at training and equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge required in early childhood education. This initiative addressed the critical need for skilled workers in the sector and provided an opportunity for people to Earn While They Learn. By collaborating with a training organisation and employer, the project has bridged the gap between education, employment and training, proving the potential of a collaborative approach to solving business challenges.

Showcase SA partnered with training organisation Time Education and Training and childcare employer Emali ELC, to help individuals returning to working, seeking or starting a new career to Earn While You Learn. By providing guaranteed employment, training, and a positive career outcome, Showcase SA ensured that participants had the support and motivation needed to excel in their early childhood education journey.

The success of this project can be attributed to the strong collaboration between Showcase SA, Skills SA and the Department of Education. By bringing together private enterprises, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), and the government organisations, this project showcased the power of synergy and collective expertise. Each partner played a crucial role in shaping the program, ensuring its alignment with industry needs and regulatory requirements.

Anna Marcoionni, Coordinator at Time Education and Training says “Time Education and Training had the privilege of working in partnership with Showcase SA and Emali ELC to provide training to students to achieve their Certificate 3 in the Early Childhood and Education sector. Sometimes when people decide to embark on a new career it can be daunting, but with a joint effort of all parties involved we were able to create Educators who will be working with our most valuable assets – our children. Once again thank you to everyone involved for this wonderful opportunity”

The overwhelming response to the project demonstrated the eagerness of individuals to pursue a career in early childhood education. Despite having just 20 available positions, a remarkable 280 people applied, highlighting the immense demand for such initiatives. Showcase SA expressed immense pride in witnessing the positive outcomes of the project, as successful candidates not only secured employment but also exhibited a passion for their roles and a dedication to the profession.

Showcase SA are working across various other industries to help with the skills gap including Aged Care, Disability, Hospitality and Construction. Contact the team for more information

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