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Bendigo Bank Supporting Adelaide’s Innovative Small Businesses

It is the bank that’s known as more than just a bank: Bendigo bank has changed the Australian banking scene whilst single handedly supporting local businesses.

Bendigo Bank is one of the fifth largest banks in Australia, with 500 locations spread around the country. With over $219 million being injected back into these local communities, it is no surprise that they are recognised as one of the top 10 most trusted brands in Australia.

On top of these successes, Bendigo Bank started shaking up the banking scene in Adelaide with a unique transformation of their Norwood store space. Their innovative approach and motivation to stay relevant in the 21st Century has made them known as much more than just a bank.

Their Norwood Store is a bespoke hub of modern collaborative and private spaces aimed at celebrating community creativity and achievements, whilst delivering a world of banking and business needs. Because of their prime location on the Parade, this unique space is ideal for all things events including, group meetings, fundraisers, community events and networking opportunities.

However, what continues to set Bendigo Bank’s Norwood store apart from their competition is there pop up retail space situated at the front of their store. The pop up space provides a fantastic opportunity for small business around Adelaide to gain exposure and a new customer base whilst selling their products.

Richard Fennell, Bendigo Bank’s Executive Consumer Banking said, “Our new retail space on The Parade brings together the best of leading global retail spaces. We’ve established this space for the long-term and we’ll constantly seek to reinvent the right ingredients for a thriving retail space of the future.”

TABOO is one of the many businesses around Adelaide jumping at the opportunity. As of September 20, TABOO launched their three-week showcase of their organic products and merch, starkly displayed in Bendigo Banks prime shop window.

Bendigo Banks innovative and modern approach to their business in conjunction the suite of award winning products, services and rates, positions them as one of the most emerging and successful banks in Australia.

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