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Be a sommelier for a day with the National Wine Centre of Australia

Imagine a job where you’re required to think, talk, smell, see, taste and explore the wonderful world of  wine!   This is the enviable life of a sommelier.

Whilst it may seem the best end easiest job ‘ever’ there is of course a lot more to being a ‘somm’ than simply liking wine and for those keen to learn more about wine or this enviable career choice, the National Wine Centre’s Head Sommelier James Boden is about to share and reveal all.

Four interactive ‘Somm for a Day’  sessions focussing on what it takes to be a sommelier will cover different aspects of the job while exploring six of James’ favourite Australian wines at each event.

From the very basics to blind tastings and moving on from ‘Steak with Shiraz’ the ‘Somm for a Day’ sessions are fantastic experiences anyone with wine in their life

Session 1: The Basics – February 14  1:30-3pm
Will look at the basics of working as a Sommelier: from opening different bottles, how and when to decant, to navigating common questions asked of a sommelier and how to select the perfect wine. Try six wines during the session and come prepared to participate!

Session 2: How to Taste Wine I February 28   1:30-3pm
One of the most fun but important parts of a Sommeliers job is tasting wine. In this session you will look at six different wines, while learning how to taste them – ‘somm style’.  Apart from the structured tasting, this will be a relaxed session discussing the different tastes and smells to look for, as well as enjoying some delicious wine.

Session 3: Blind Tasting I March 14   1:30-3pm
Do you fancy yourself a blind tasting expert or do you want to learn how to blind taste wine? In this session you will learn the tricks on how to pick a variety or style, how to conduct a blind tasting and how to taste and guess (hopefully correctly or at least confidently) what the wine you are tasting is. This session includes six blind tastes.

Session 4: Food and Wine Pairings I March 28   1:30-3pm
Have you discovered Ottolenghi and started experimenting with Harissa? In this session you’ll break down food and wine pairings into individual components. You’ll try six different styles of wine, paired with a variety of different ingredients that will assist in looking beyond ‘Steak with Shiraz’ to a wider range of pairings.

Single Sessions $75 per person

Ticket to all four, save 15%


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