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SA business achieves milestone in Australia’s first electric light sport aircraft with zero emissions

Infinitus Aero, formerly known as Bader Aero, is an aviation business based in South Australia who has achieved a critical milestone towards producing Australia’s first commercially built electric light sport aircraft, the E22 Spark. The company has secured access to leading edge battery technology with Amprius Technologies and have partnered with Australian based battery integrator Prohelion to configure the E22 Spark to be ready for test flights in the next 90 days. 

Amprius Technologies are a global leader in battery technology who use an exclusive process in manufacturing their batteries that improves life cycle and increases energy density; this will enable Infinitus Aero’s E22 Spark to fly further, for longer. 

This battery development along with Infinitus Aero’s test flight program will place Australia at the forefront of aerospace development using environmentally friendly energy sources that have a planet positive impact. 

Inifinitus Aero are launching into the market with a two seat, battery operated sustainable aircraft for flight schools and recreational pilots, with a flight range of up to 90 minutes. 

CEO Michael Monck said “I am excited to be part of a high performing team, developing advanced technologies that will put Australia on the global stage in the aviation sector.”

“We have secured access to leading edge battery technology on the global market, which our Australian energy storage partner will help us integrate into the E22 Spark. Our team are on track and excited about taking to the skies in the coming months – with zero emissions, zero boundaries.” Mr Monck said. 

Ronnie Tao, Vice President of Business Development, from Amprius Technologies said “We’re excited to collaborate with Infinitus Aero, leveraging our high-energy-density cells to elevate their aircraft capabilities. This effort underscores Amprius Technologies’ commitment to driving innovation in the aerospace sector.”

The development of Infinitus Aero’s E22 Spark and subsequent products will create jobs locally and Australia wide for homegrown talent, such as STEM University of South Australia graduate Shaun Pontifex who says “I’m so grateful to have an opportunity to work within this revolutionary company, right here in South Australia but making a difference in aviation and the environment globally.” 

Infinitus Aero co-founder Barrie Rogers, current holder of several records for electric powered aircraft, said “Electric flight has come a long way over the last decade and this latest development in technology will continue to see Infinitus Aero push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Image supplied by Infinitus Aero

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