About Your Health Navigator

At Your Health Navigator relationships are at the heart of the best care. 

We empower others in their recovery by offering guidance and service beyond the standard in-hospital and in-home support.

We get to know our clients by focusing on the person, not the condition. 

We make the time to better understand their social, emotional and physical needs. 

Our holistic approach means our personalised care plans respond to every person as an individual. 

The overall wellbeing of our clients is what matters most to us.

With our advocacy, clients can concentrate on healing. 

We give control to the client by providing the information and support they need to navigate their own health journey — whether that be before going to hospital, during their time there, or in their home. 

We work closely with their families, medical team, and with their communities to assist our clients in maintaining their independence.

We want to make an impact. 

Both in our clients’ lives and in the way the health system responds. 

By working with people in a meaningful and mutually respectful way, we are changing health care for the better. 

We are empowering our clients to manage their own recovery journey. 

And it’s our privilege to be right there alongside them.

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