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About Thomas Foods International

TFI is first and foremost a family business. Established in 1988 by Chris Thomas, TFI grew from small beginnings to become one of Australia’s largest family-owned food businesses, and is now led by his son, Darren Thomas. With teams in Australia, the US, Canada, China, Japan and Europe, the TFI brands and business partnerships grow, supply, and distribute premium meat and seafood and all over the world.


As a family business, we’re driven by our strong values. Our commitment to providing the best customer service is only matched by our commitment to consistently high quality products. With strict hygiene and handling standards and a fierce belief in doing things the right way, we don’t compromise on quality. But we’re also aware of our responsibility to the animals, people and communities that we work with. Safety, animal welfare, and sustainability are all a part of the fabric of the business, and are integrated into everything we do. 


Part of the secret behind our success is that we’re constantly experimenting and branching out into new markets. We understand the changing demands, whims and tastes of consumers and create new products and new tastes to help our customers meet these expectations.

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