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About PeopleQ

At PeopleQ, we are passionate about people, and our ‘why’ centres around developing workplaces where people can thrive. Our experience has shown that everything transforms through conversation. Everything. We strive for positive change through conversations that impact culture.

Your leaders are at the heart of culture and customer experience. They are key, and so to invest in the growth of your business, ultimately means to invest in your leaders. Our programs are designed to meet your individual business needs. From psychometric assessments to executive coaching to leadership programs building purpose, emotional intelligence, resilience and trust to our emerging leader program, we are relentless in working with you to create positive change.

It’s fair to say your brand is based on the experience of your customers. The experience of your customers is based on the experience of your people.  People are the heart of your business.  And so, culture today is a priority for strategy, because a thriving culture is linked to brand strength, ROI and growth. Businesses today are increasingly measuring and reporting on culture at a leadership & board level. PQfactor, a PeopleQ tool helps you do just that; Schedule a demo with us today.

It’s just as important to hire for culture, as it is to build culture.  We provide Hire re-engineering consulting and work with your HR team to transfer knowledge and coach them through change; We also provide hiring for EQ assessments easily accessible via your own online log-ins.

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PeopleQ is a proud Showcase SA member and is helping to build Adelaide and South Australia’s most active business networking community. 

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